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Who are we?
Puntanimals is an animal shelter placed in a small village of Huelva, South of Spain. It is formed by a group of volunteers that selflessly join their strengths in order to promote common welfare among helpless animals rescuing them from the street and giving them a chance for a better life.

What do we do?

Puntanimals rescues abandoned animals such as dogs or cats and helps them to recover and to find a new home and family where they can be happy again. Once the animals are rescued they are kept in our own shelter which is carefully maintained by our volunteers.
 Our daily tasks consist of maintaining the facilities clean and caring about our animals (feeding, vets, delousing, etc.). Furthermore we organise public events to raise money such as street markets, dog walking or collection food from supermarkets and other food retail stores.

 How are we financed?

Puntanimals is not financed by public institutions but from donations of those individuals that care about the life of those animals that are unable to look after those animals that have had a worse luck in life. These donations are in form of cash, feed, building and cleaning materials or human help. 

What are our projects? 

Puntanimals is currently working on different projects such as building a roof able to protect our animals from rain and cold during the worst months of the year or a fully sanitised room where to apply medical cures and procedures to our animals (vaccinations, operations, etc.)

Nuestro refugio

Nuestro refugio actualmente todavía sigue en construcción, poco a poco lo vamos consiguiendo con vuestra ayuda. 

Puntanimals's Nuestro refugio album on Photobucket

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